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CLICK MY SITE (if you want to.)

2013-05-02 20:51:51 by Lynkusu

The title explains it quite adequately
I made a site (well, a Tumblr) mainly for the purposes of shamelessly promoting my animations and such
Now I'm shamelessly promoting said Tumblr here on Newgrounds
If you clicked it that would be pretty awesome

I'm still alive

2013-04-23 22:09:30 by Lynkusu

Just posting to let people know that I am, in fact, alive
I've been quite busy with a mixture of university and life stuff, but with uni out now, I should have some more time.
The animation for IQ4 is finished; I'm just waiting on my actors now. And also I reeeaaally hope I'll never take that long to make an episode again.
I also have about eleven game ideas (two of which are in production) so those are things that could be out... um... sometime...
WHY DON'T YOU READ A REALLY WEIRD STORY I WROTE essional-Photography-Business-Story-367395872?q=

New IQ

2012-08-24 22:53:32 by Lynkusu

YAY THIRD EPISODE! Go watch it! Please!
It has new voice actors who are very awesome and who will definitely not steal your soul.

Holy crap it's been hot today, and by that I mean it's been 30 degrees (translation for Americans: 86). I live in Canada, so I don't know if other countries consider that hot too. Actually, I live in not just Canada, but Nova Scotia, which is pretty much an island, so we're not really used to heat.

Anyway! I know I said I wanted to have IQ3 out before I graduated, but that didn't happen, because I graduated on Wednesday (and on that subject: yay). But I will definitely still try to have that out soon. Also, I've been in more of a game mood recently, and have been working on an awesome new game called 5 Steps to Insanity. I have no idea when that will be out, but I can't wait to see how it turns out and I hope you all have fun playing it.

I have fans?! (Apparently)

2012-06-13 21:16:49 by Lynkusu

So the other day I was on my way to math class (unfortunately) when some guy behind me shouted "LYNKUSU!"
I turned around but only got a very, very quick glimpse of him, and from that I didn't recognize him.
That is awesome.
I know I'm known around the school as "that girl who makes the games and animations," but I'm extremely surprised and pleased that someone knows my pseudonym. And that they shouted it at me (regardless of whether or not it was pronounced correctly). And that I don't think I know who they are.
Ego? Totally boosted. Mwhahahahahah.

Also, things coming soon. SOON! THINGS!

This weekend there's a festival in my tiny little obscure region of my giant-ass country. It's called the Apple Blossom Festival and it's packed full of tons of events, all of which have absolutely nothing to do with apple blossoms. I just got back from the fireworks, which were pretty cool. It looked like the sky had epilepsy, and apparently they accidentally set the woods on fire or something, which is kind of hilarious but also bad, obviously. There's a parade tomorrow, but since parades are boring, I probably won't go (I'll stay home and animate instead!).
Also, since I literally updated three days ago, there's not much new on that front. I've got IQ3 coming soon, hopefully, and a silly little short, and I really can't wait to release my game once it's done because it's a lot of fun to make, and I've gotta think it'll be a lot of fun to play.
There is the issue of Flash is stupid, however.

Not really a news update but still interesting words, hopefully

Stuff? Yes, Stuff.

2012-05-29 06:40:38 by Lynkusu

That pitch offer I had? It turned out to be a 14-year old kid who wanted me to animate, for free, a minute and a half long cartoon about a stickman and a talking pineapple that he actually wanted to pitch to Comedy Central. So that's obviously sorely disappointing.
Anyway! I've got stuff coming soon or whatever!
I want to have IQ3 out before I graduate (so, before July), but I make no guarantees, especially if there's holdups with my voice actors, which is a distinct possibility.
I've got another silly little short coming soon, too. It's on a topic you probably have never seen a Newgrounds animation about before.
Also I'm working on a game! It's quite large and is actually the redone version of one that I never actually completed. ETA? No freaking idea. But once I have the intro cutscenes done, I'll release a little teaser thingy.


2012-05-14 06:44:47 by Lynkusu

Apparently, some guy wants me to animate his pitch for a show that's apparently going to be pitched to PBS and Comedy Central.
How about

Appease My Website!

2012-04-19 17:34:27 by Lynkusu

Yay! I made a website! It wants you to click it!

I'm Actually Doing Stuff

2012-04-09 13:00:27 by Lynkusu

As the title suggests, I'm actually doing more stuff now, largely thanks to the inspiration from Edd Gould and a couple others (Rob Winchester, Harry Partridge, Yotam Perel).
So I'll have some new stuff out soon. I've got three shorts; one finished (aside from voices), one in production and one that I haven't done jack shit on so far. And, of course, the third episode of IQ is in production as well. I have no idea how long any of this will take, but it seems to be going pretty quickly, so that's a good sign.
So, yeah. Expect things sometime, or something.